Our youth club

Gantry 5


COME IN is located in the Regenbogencafé of the LSVD Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. and CSD Magdeburg e.V. This is in the Schäfferstraße 16 in Magdeburg.

You can reach us with the tram line 6 or 9, and by bus 52 and 54 from the stop Raiffeisenstraße. Furthermore, the S-Bahn station Buckau is nearby.

How is a normal meeting?

Either we are talking about what we did at school or college and what else we are concerned about, browsing in Magazines or making and eating dinner. Of course you are invited to dinner. Who likes can also browse in the queer library. Sometimes we get a board game out and then dice or cards are played. It is a fact, that everybody is welcome and will be well accepted. If there are any problems, there will be help – even with homework …

Besides our regular meeting on monday, we sometimes plan other activities like Cinema, Partys, vacations to Christopher Street days and so on. Keep an eye on your appointment book.

The first time?

“The key to self confidence is, to enter a room and think, that everybody already likes you.”
Of course we know, that this is not as easy as it sounds. Maybe it is good to know, that we are happy about every new guest.

Also entering the Café with someone else might be helpful. Some of us were with friends as they had their first time in our youth club.
Also we offer you to meet with only one of us, before the youth club opens. We make out a time and a public place somewhere in Magdeburg and then we go to the youth club together. On the way we can chat and get to know each other

Just write to us 😀